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We scour all the electricity supplier websites, and show the best power deals we can find that are available for everyone to switch to online. This means if you have to have a swimming pool or be with a retailer for 6 months to access a deal, we won't show you it, nor will we show deals if the retailer does not allow you to quickly and easily switch online via their website.

We analyse your current costs and your usage from the energy bill you provide (that's the 100% Accurate bit) and compare it to all of the best energy deals we've found.

We tell you if your current power bill is Unhealthy, and whether it's worth you switching.

We help you switch to the best one you want to move to - you've got two choices:

  • Switch with Energy Bill Doctor: If we have a great option to make your electricity bill healthy, you can switch to it in under 60 seconds - so you know, we get a small commission from whichever power supplier you pick (Find out who you can switch to through us here)
  • Switch Direct: sometimes we might not have a power deal that works for you, but we will ALWAYS show you the 'Best In Market' options, so you can pick one of those. We'll tell you how much you can save and help you click straight through to that electricity provider's website to switch. NB: It will (probably) take you more than 60 seconds, but it's your time and money! (Also, we don't receive any commission from those retailers - but we want you to make the right choice!)

How we do that

We extract all the relevant data from your electricity bills - looking at your usage, c/kWh, daily charges, discounts, meter configuration, billing period and the end price you pay.

Using all of the detailed information from your power bill, we compare it to the best electricity deals you can switch to in under 60 seconds with us, as well as the 'Best In Market' deals from all the other energy providers which are available to you in your area.

We can either do this using your last 'e-bill', probably a pdf attached to an email, or you can take a photo of all pages of your last paper bill and upload it through the site. Easy.

Why we're the experts

Energy Bill Doctor has been developed out of over 30 years of experience in analysing telecommunication and utility bills. Our unique and 100% accurate recommendations have helped millions of consumers choose a better electricity plan and save money.

Why we created Energy Bill Doctor

Energy Bill Doctor is here to create happiness through healthy electricity bills. Helping consumers and businesses to take back control by paying less and using less. The best way to do that is with a 100% accurate online health check - helping all households and businesses make the right choice on their energy bills.

Switching suppliers: The Facts

When you change energy provider, your physical supply does not change nor does it get interrupted. Changing energy supplier is literally swapping who sends you the bill, so all that really changes is the logo at the top of the bill and the price you pay.

Fast Facts

How does Energy Bill Doctor work?

We help you access great electricity deals you can switch to in under 60 seconds through Energy Bill Doctor, as well as showing all of the Best In Market deals you can see in 'Energy Made Easy' or 'Your Choice'

How many plans do you recommend?

We prioritise the best energy deals we have available that fit your specific needs which you can switch to in under 60 seconds; we'll also show you all of the 'Best In Market' power deals - these are the exact same deals you can access through the government run comparison websites. We keep the choice limited so we don't blow you away with too much choice, but if you need to see everything you can. We believe that transparency is key and that's what we are doing to ensure you Trust the information you see, and help you Take Back Control and make the choice which is right for you.

What do you mean by 'Best In Market'?

We can't help you switch to all deals with all electricity retailers in Under 60 Seconds. But that doesn't mean we don't want you to see what else is available. So, we've gone to every single energy provider which is available to everyone (basically this means that if you have to 'qualify' to become a customer of that retailer by having a swimming pool or solar panels, we won't show you those deals. That means that there are up to 25 power suppliers who we do show you (not all suppliers are available in all areas), with the best electricity deal they make available which you can switch to directly with them via their website. Those retailers and deals are listed here, if you think we've missed something (you could be a consumer or a retailer) just let us know, email us at

Do we always have the best electricity rate?

Legally, we can't say 'Cheapest' nor can we guarantee that the energy deals we show you are categorically the 'Best'. What we do know is that the power deals we can help you switch to in under 60 seconds are market leading - we also know, that the 'Best In Market' energy deals are exceptionally good too - you just can't switch to them through us in under 60 seconds.

Are we really 100% accurate?

Yes. Unlike other comparison services, we don't want you to figure out the information on your electricity bill (it's so confusing even retailers don't always understand their own bills!), nor do we look at an average consumption or a low, medium, high usage profile. Our free online health check is 100% accurate, and tailored to every customer's unique usage and costs.

Like Us to Remind You?

If you don't have your electricity bill with you now, we can help remind you to health check it later. Simply leave us with your email address and when you'd like to be reminded, and we will do that for you.