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Tim Wolfenden and Andrew Long – Founders of Energy Bill Doctor

Tim and Andrew – Founders of Energy Bill Doctor

In 2016 Tim Wolfenden and Andrew Long created Energy Bill Doctor to create happiness for Australians through health energy bills. Having worked in the utility sector for the majority of their working lives they were acutely aware of how much money was being wasted by people having unhealthy utility bills.

After your rent or mortgage your energy bill is most likely your next biggest bill, however the majority of Australians pay very little attention to this large cost and as a result it is very common for people to pay unnecessary premiums of up to 30% month after month. We think that everyone should be paying a fair price for their energy needs and it should be easy for you to do that.

We know there are other comparison websites out there but our experience is that they don’t always act in your best interest. They are often more interested in getting you to switch than really helping you understand if you’re on a good deal or not. We wanted to provide a different service, one that acted in your best interest and made it easy for you to find your best plan. Or, if you happen to already be on a great deal to be completely transparent and tell you that.

We want to provide you with a 100% accurate and personalised analysis of your energy bill looking at how you use energy, when you use energy and what types of energy you use. This make a huge difference to what plan is the best plan for you. Lumping people into small, medium and big houses completely ignores these significant differences and as a result it is important to look at all the detailed information which is on your electricity bill, which is exactly what we do.

We know switching can be painful, looking up all the rates, working out what type of meter configuration you have and then once you’ve worked out your best plan, spending 20 minutes on the phone switching to your new supplier. We wanted to make the comparison process as painless as possible and create a service where people can switch in less than 60 seconds. We want to use the best online technology to allow Australians take control of their energy bills.