Who's Included in
Your Personalised 100% Accurate Health Check

To make sure we find your best plan we have looked at all the plans offered by every electricity provider in your area, not just the ones with which we have a relationship. We are the only company in Australia that provides a service which looks at every plan in the market for you.

The personalised health check we have prepared for you is as comprehensive as is possible at this point in time. However not all providers and not all plans from all providers are included. If the plans offered by a provider a) are not available to all people in a community b) prevent us from doing a 100% accurate comparison or c) force you to move your switch offline we do not currently include those plans in our comparison results.

During the price change events, which happens once a year (on the 1st July in NSW, SA and SE Queensland and on the 1st January in Victoria), we want to make sure that your health check is only based on the new pricing so you get an accurate a comparison as possible. For this reason if a retailer holds back releasing their new pricing information we will not include that retailer until their new pricing is released.

Energy Providers and Plans to Whom you can Switch to in Under 60 Seconds
Energy Provider Plan Name(s)
Click Energy Emerald, Gold, People Power, Sapphire, Shine, Shine Essential, Shine Plus, Shine Saver, Shine Reward, Shine Budget and Shine Bonus
1st Energy 1st Saver
Next Business Energy Market Offer
Sumo Power Business 37% and Residential 42%
Energy Locals Market Offer - Lock Down
Actewagl 20% Usage Discount
Energy Providers and Plans Compared but to Whom you will need to Switch Yourself
Energy Provider Plan Name(s)* and Update Status
AGL Everyday, Set and Forget, Savers, Savers Plus, Business Maximiser, Business Savers, Business Fixed and Standing Offer

NSW, SA and SE Qld updated 5/7/2017 - Essential Distribution Zone prices not yet available
Victoria updated 28/6/2017
EnergyAustralia Anytime Saver, Flexi Saver, Night Saver, Weekend Saver, Basic Saver, Everyday Saver, Basic Saver - Business, Everyday Saver - Business, Flexi Saver Business, Rate Fix Business and Standing Offer

NSW, SA and SE Qld updated 31/7/2017
Victoria updated 20/5/2017
Origin Energy Origin Maximiser, Origin Saver, Origin Everyday, Origin Connect, Origin Supply, Solar Boost and Solar Boost Plus, Business eSaver, BusinessSaver, Business Solar Boost, Origin Supply and Standing Offer

NSW, SA and SE Qld updated 3/8/2017
Victoria updated 14/6/2017
ERM Fixed, Adjustable and Standing

Waiting for new prices for NSW, SA and SE Qld
Victoria updated 24/6/2017
Alinta Energy Fair Deal, Business Saver and and Business SaverPlus

Queensland updated 14/8/2017
NSW and SA updated 4/7/2017
Victoria updated 28/6/2017
Momentum Energy Smile Power Plus

NSW and SA updated 15/7/2017
Victoria updated 21/6/2017
Waiting for new prices for SE Qld
Simply Energy Simply Plus and Business Save, NSW Simply Plus 15 Online, NSW Business Plus 15 Online, QLD Business Save 10 Online and QLD Simply Plus 15 Online

NSW and SE Qld updated 30/8/2017
Victoria updated 22/6/2017
Red Energy Living Energy Saver

NSW, SA and SE Qld updated 19/7/2017
Victoria updated 22/6/2017
Lumo Energy Lumo Advantage Premium

SA updated 1/7/2017, Qld updated 14/7/2017
Victoria updated 9/6/2017
Blue NRG Blue Regular

Waiting for new prices for NSW and SA
Victoria updated 30/6/2017
Commander Electricity Business Market Offer

Victoria updated 23/6/2017
Waiting for new prices for NSW and SA
Covau Smart Saver, Freedom and Standing Offer

NSW updated 2/7/2017
Victoria updated 24/6/2017
Diamond Energy Retail Supply Offer and Standing Offer

NSW, SA and SE Qld updated 2/7/2017
Victoria updated 23/6/2017
Dodo Power and Gas Market Offer

Victoria updated 9/6/2017
SA and SE Qld updated 10/8/2017
Waiting for new prices for NSW
Enova Energy Economy and Solar Plus

Economy,Solar Plus, Economy Business Plus and Standing Offer
NSW updated 11/07/2017
Globird Energy Boost, Glosave, Solar Plus and BizSave

Victoria updated 23/6/2017
Powerdirect Standard Retail Contract

Standard Retail Contract and Market Offer
NSW, SA and SE Qld updated 11/7/2017
Victoria updated 23/6/2017
Powershop Online Saver, Base Rates, Market Rates and Standing Offer

NSW, SA and SE Qld updated 1/7/2017
Victoria updated 23/6/2017
QEnergy Home Discounter, Home Your Way, Biz Saver, Biz Your Way and Freedom Biz

NSW, SA and SE Qld updated 11/7/2017
Victoria updated 22/6/2017
Sanctuary Energy Standard Retail Contract

NSW updated 3/7/2017
Energy Providers Not Compared
Energy Provider Reason Not Compared
Pacific Hydro Not possible to sign up online
Pooled Energy Only available to people with a swimming pool

To reduce the number of results shown for each electricity provider, if a provider has plans which are clearly uncompetitive we have excluded these plans from your analysis. If you happen to be either a customer or an electricity provider and believe that a competitive plan has not been included in our analysis please do let us know and if we agree we will certainly include that plan in future analyses.


*In Victoria and SA, plans which have rates that vary based on the time of year are not included in the comparison as we would need a full 12 months of billing information to provide you with a 100% accurate comparison