How to Reduce Your Energy Bill This Spring

Srping Energy Hacks for Home Owners

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There are many ways to reduce your energy bill, some more effective than others. You're a busy person, so you want actions that are quick, easy and cheap to do but have a big impact your bill!

So what are the actions that give you the best bang for your buck and your time? We've put them all in the graph below!

What does the graph show?

The graph below identifies all the ways in which home owners can take back control and reduce their electricity bills and their electricity usage.

The graph shows an estimate of the amount of time and effort as well as the cost needed for each action. Actions which are higher on the y-axis take more time and effort. Those lower down on the y-axis take less time and effort to do.

The x-axis has an estimate of the cost associated with each action, those actions on the left-hand side of the x-axis cost less to achieve than those on the right-hand side of the x-axis.

The actions have also been classified based on whether they are something you need to do once (these are shown in blue). Or, whether the action requires forming a new habit and thus takes a bit more effort to realise benefit (these are shown in orange).


Where should you start your hacking?

In the bottom left-hand quadrant are actions that are easiest to do and can give you immediate impact, so you can prioritise them first.

Checking the health of your electricity bill is one of the easiest and quickest actions that you can take to start reducing your energy costs and taking back control.

Upload your electricity bill and we'll let you know if your bill is healthy. It's free, quick, no obligation and 100% accurate!